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Welcome to

Teaching Tolerance through English

International Summer Camp


July 31-August 14, 2010

Balatonlelle, Hungary


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For the fifth year in a row since 2006, from July 31-August 14, the American Embassy in Budapest is organizing the “Teaching Tolerance though English” summer camp in Balatonelle for 45 students (ages 11-13) and their 9 English as a Foreign Language teachers from seven countries (Bulgaria, Hungary, Kosovo, Lithuania, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia). The students, along with their teachers are participating in a variety of athletic, theatrical, artistic and educational activities designed to further their understanding of and tolerance towards each other’s cultures while enhancing their English language skills.  The educational programs are facilitated by two American educators, Drs. Mary Lou McCloskey and Lydia Stack, both of whom are well respected textbook writers, teacher educators and teachers.  They are using American as well as regional literature, songs, skits, games and other materials throughout the program.  The athletic and artistic program will be facilitated by Ms. Molly Staeheli, an experienced camp director from the U.S., and her ten talented Camp Counselors.  After the two-week camp, students will continue to work on joint projects both via e-mail and with exchange visits.  The program is fully sponsored by the American Embassy in Budapest, and the U.S. Embassies in Bulgaria, Hungary, Kosovo, Lithuania, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia.




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